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Car care

For the sake of the comfort of both individual customers and the company's fleet, AutoCar has a comprehensive offer covering the broadly understood scope of the car service, including:

  • Verification of the technical condition of the vehicle as well as the level and quality of all fluids: suspension, brakes, level and quality of engine oil, brake and cooling fluid, computer diagnostics
  • Oil service: changing engine oil, oil filter, computer diagnostics,
  • Brake service: replacement of brake fluid, cleaning of callipers, hubs and other connections, replacement of brake pads and discs, computer diagnostics
  • Tire service – replacement, balancing, pressure checking, pressure sensor coding, tire geometry and storage
  • Auto SPA – comprehensive car cleaning carried out by professionals from Diamentowej Ochrony Lakieru (Diamond Paint Protection)
  • Roof rack assembly/disassembly

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